Sunday, March 10, 2013

"What Makes You Beautiful"

This is my favorite

I love the message from our prophets given in this one

Thanks young men of the church for your willing to make these videos to let you know what you think of us!
I hope all the young women realize that we are all beautiful and that we have a divine purpose here on this earth.

Go to 'youtube' and watch more of these YM sing to us! They will change your life!

We All Need a Pep Talk

We all need this Pep Talk! Take it into your daily lives!

"Stop being boring!"
"We're all on the same team."
"Two roads diverse in the woods and I took the one less traveled. AND IT HURT MAN!! ROCKS, THORNS, AND GLASS!"
"Don't stop believeing... unless your dream stupid!"
"Keep going!"

Thanks Kid President! You changed my life and I hope many others!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Feel Like I Will Wake Up From This Nightmare but I Know It's Reality

About two weeks ago my dear friend was killed in a car accident. She is the Bandidos  Owners daughter and she was part of our team. She was a sweet and wonderful girl, who cared for everyone.  I saw her a couple of days earlier and when I found out about this I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was in a nightmare and that I would wake up and she would be at work but I knew it wouldn't happen. It was reality. I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept. Slowly I have been able to but it's still hard for me and everyone even her parents. She was only 18 years old and  had a whole life in front of her. I know with all of my heart that it was her time to go and that she was called on a mission on the other side of the veil. Through  the gospel I know that Families are Forever and that we have a Plan and that everything will be okay in the end. We will be able to see her again as long as we do those things that will help us make it back to our Father in Heaven and the ones we love. 

Fernanda you will be missed! I love you so much! I'm so glad I could have a friend like you! Thanks for your example and help you have given me. I learned so much from you.  

It's All Fixed ButThen It Died...

We all know about the adventures I have with my car well here is another for you...

One day my car just wouldn't start! We tried to hammer the fuel tank but still nothing happened! So that night my dad changed the fuel pump, my window was tank, and the timing belt. We though we were all good, everything we thought we had to fix was fixed. Until about a month and a half later when my radio and clocks would to on and off until my car just wouldn't start again. We were luck enough to get the part with in a day and get it fixed but when you think something is in good shape it will die on you so watch out.


At the beginning of January I asked my good friend of mine to Sweethearts. This was going to be my first dance and first date! About a week later he answered back with a "Yes". In our group we had 6 couples, we were all good friends, and we had a fun group! In our group three of our people had a play practice all day before the dance so we had our day date on Friday night. For this date we went to City Creek and had a scavenger hunt then came back to my house for so hot chocolate and donuts. Coming home I got the wrong time for the train so we waited at the train station for almost an hour in the cold but it's okay. Saturday night we had dinner that we made at my grandma's house because her house was big enough to fit us all in. We had a parmesan chicken, with rolls, long string beans, and a potatoes. Then for dessert we had cheese cake. Then we headed of to the dance where we had a blast in a hot room. I would have to say the dance was a success and super fun!

How I asked

How he Answered

Our Couple Picture
More pictures on there way...

Valentines Day (AKA: "SAD")

About 3 weeks ago it was Valentines Day or what I celebrated SAD. Now you see SAD stands for Single Awareness Day, and we were all SAD. You see how that works... tricky, huh. Well Valentines Day for those who had no one to celebrate it with thinks it's just another day. and it was. I went to school, handed out Valentines to all of my friends, then I went home did homework, and was able to go to work that night. What a fun SAD for me! For those of you that had someone special to spend that day with good for you and for you who didn't have anyone special to spend it with good for you as well! Single All the Way!!

It's Suppose to Determine My Future?

In January I took this ACT Prep class because I'm a Junior in High School and that is what Juniors in High School do. We take the ACT Prep class so that we can do good on the ACT. Well on the last week of this class we took a practice ACT then we scored it. We can just stay that I don't do so hot! I got like 15 which isn't good at all. So I was freaking out because this is suppose to determine your future and your opportunities in college. But here is my problem I do go on the math and semi-good on the science and english parts, but I do horrible on the reading part. You have like 35 minutes to complete 40 questions; 1o question for 4 articles. Now you see I'm not a fast reader at all and I have to take my time to understand what I'm reading and this type of test isn't the best for those, like me, who have a hard time reading. 

I just took the ACT this past week and felt pretty good about it. I will let you know how I did. Only if it's good! :)